New Google smartphone expected on the back of iPhone 5


An invite to the “Samsung Unpacked, Google Episode” event in San Diego on October 11. Photo: Samsung

The rumours have been swirling for months that the next version of Google’s Android operating system, to be nicknamed Ice Cream Sandwich, will make its debut on a new Samsung smartphone which could be called the Nexus Prime.
So when will the world see the Nexus Prime, if there is one, and Ice Cream Sandwich, which is set to be the version of Android that unifies phone and tablet operating systems? Possibly October 11, just a few days after the October 4 unveiling of the next Apple iPhone.
Samsung is hosting an Android event on that day in San Diego that it’s calling “Samsung Unpacked, Google Episode” during the CTIA Enterprise and Applications conference.
The company sent out Unpacked invites to members of the press this week that read “Join us at Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2011 to get a look at what’s new from Android”.
Could it be the next Android release? Maybe a new tablet to go along with a new phone?
Samsung just released its Galaxy S II to the US after it had been available for months in Europe and Asia, but new Android phones from an array of manufactures are released each month so it might not be too weird for the Korean electronics maker to release a new phone.
The Nexus Prime however, as of now, hasn’t been announced by Samsung, though speculation has pointed to such a device featuring many higher-end specs seen on current phones, such as a dual-core processor, a larger screen that’s possibly as big as the Galaxy S II’s 4.5-inch display and 4G network connectivity.
If Samsung does release a new Nexus-branded device, it would be the handset maker’s second Nexus phone and Google’s third – the first Nexus being the Nexus One from HTC, and the second being the Nexus S from Samsung. The Nexus line thus far has always run an unadulterated version of Android, with no third-party overlays and pre-installed apps.
If Samsung does have a Nexus Prime on the way, we’d expect that “pure Android” software would remain the theme.
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The problem with iTunes in the cloud


I have just found an annoying bug with iTunes in the cloud wen you download an app on a pc and install it on your iOS device it wants to download all over once again there for wasting time that you probably don’t have or cold be spending doing other stuff like say getting a song or a move for instance
Tell me if you have the same problem

games of the week


Created by fans of the indie hit Minecraft, mooncraft welcomes you to a future where you can explore and colonize a new alien moon every time you play.

☆ Meet strange new aliens, some dangerous, some helpful.
☆ Unlimited exploration in every direction.
☆ Establish a base of your own design with dozens of materials.
☆ Harvest alien light trees, take shelter under soaring arches.
☆ Decipher clues left by enemy astronauts to create exotic technology.
☆ No nickle-and-dime in-app purchases! You get it all.
☆ Customize your moon, choosing how rugged and exotic the terrain will be.
☆ Unlock the in-game Camera to take snapshots of your discoveries and creations.

Discover your own stories and build your own fantasies in mooncraft!

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